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About us

Brisbane Finance Guru was created in response to the frustration that individuals and businesses have had to cope with when dealing directly with the lenders. The broad cross-section of available lending options, makes it extremely unlikely that any one lender or broker can be fully aware of all requirements. This resulted in borrowers experiencing a growth of dissatisfaction due to the lack of feedback, delays in decisions and the continual changes to lender credit policies that often resulted in lost opportunities.

Brisbane Finance Guru

Our accreditations are across a broad range of lenders from the big 4 banks to the small boutique private lenders. Brisbane finance guru ensures that we have a solution for every scenario.

We have a comprehensive referral network of other professionals, including Solicitors, Accountants, General Insurance agents, Wealth creators, Realtors, Building Inspectors, Electricians, Plumbers, Cleaners, Maintenance contractors to assist with every aspect of purchasing a new home, a new car, that new piece of equipment you need for your business or even that new business itself.

If you have a dream and all you need is the money, then let us help you to achieve that dream. There is no harm in asking. Let our experience be your opportunity to take that next step.

When you decide to take that next step, our team of brokers will assist you through every step of the purchasing process. We will evaluate your request, identify the appropriate lenders and products to suit your needs. Our independent processing team will assist you with gathering the relevant information you will need to satisfy the bank’s lending requirements.

Specialist Lending

If you have been declined or have a poor credit history, we have a number of options that can be investigated to get you back on the path towards being able to borrow again. There are lenders who specialise in lending to people with credit impairments. These are called specialist lenders. There are a number of lending institutions that charge a slightly higher rate depending on the risk profile of the loan application.

In many cases, we can find a lending solution that will allow you to take advantage of a current opportunity. For lots of borrowers, this has been the first step towards getting back on track.

Our History

We are an independent group of brokers who specialise in the areas of home mortgage, commercial finance, personal & equipment loans.

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