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Working with professionals in your investment home loan enables you to get the best locations, learn about the tax benefits of investing and narrow down on the most suitable lenders to team.

Why You Should Work With Professionals on your Investment Home Loan

Buying an investment home is an excellent way to start earning rental income. Also, you can build wealth and benefit from tax exemptions. However, borrowing to fund capital investments requires care and skill. A wrong move or making false assumptions could turn your investment into a long-term loss. With more first-time home buyers turning to “reinvest” as a way to transform their financial fortunes, having the right partner is critical. Here’s why you should only trust professionals with your investment home loan.

You can entrust our staff to give you information crucial to landing the right lender, give you tips on how to benefit from tax deductions and explore investment locations.


Professional Help in Narrowing Down to the Right Investment Home Loan

You might have noticed that unlike owner-occupier home loans, investment home loans bear a slightly higher interest rate. The bank buys deeper into a greater risk and a more complex transaction. Thus the higher rate. Although every lender has specific criteria to qualify your application for investment home loan, banks will generally look into the following:

  • Gross income including any rental income.
  • Tax and mandatory insurance payments.
  • Ability to repay the new mortgage at an interest’s rate slightly higher than the actual.
  • Your existing obligations such as current mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans.
  • Living expenses that vary with family size including a notional rent amount.

Qualified professionals on our site will also give you the opportunity to learn more about alternative and complementary products from our list lenders and narrow down to a suitable one.

You’ll Learn About Negative Gearing and Tax Benefits

Negative gearing occurs when the total interests and running costs exceed your investment income. This is likely to happen if you encounter high costs as you make the property habitable or when enhancing its value for reselling. Our highly skilled professional team will help you focus your strategy on early entry into low price markets so that you can recover your expenses over time.

If you incur negative gearing, our team can guide you in making tax deduction claims for the net loss. Other tax benefits available to for investment home loan clients include discounts and offsets in capital gains and deductions for repairs and maintenance

Professionals will Help You Choose an Ideal Investment Location

As you contemplate on a suitable location, our team will help you review important elements of property investment. They will take you through factors such as:

Expected growth in property value, social factors such as availability of public transport, schools, and other infrastructure as well as other significant economic factors for instance, if the area has a high potential of industrialization or if it is on a decline.